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Tel: 0027 21 762 6629
42 Durban Road
Chelsea Village
South Africa
Chelsea Garden Studio
“ As our society moves faster with technological advances each year, it is hard to keep our connection to the earth.  Having and maintaining a garden is an answer to this loss.  Smelling the humus of the soil and watching plants grow, flower and die back reminds us of our own humanity and the lives that we have been given.  So for your & perusal and pleasure below we have illustrated the gardens that we have helped grow”.
Examples of Gardens that we have created and helped to grow
Maintenance team hard at work & showing creation of Lavender topiary
Showing maintenance team at work
Showing unshaped lavenders being
Showing display garden lavender topiary completed
Showing shop garden shaped and ready for another flowering display
The Art of Landscaping
Progress of Water & Deck Garden
Removal of paving
Clearing of entire plot
Removal of unwanted plants
Ground Levelling
Removal of unwanted ground & wall
Garden Layout
Installation of pond folio
Placing of large rocks
Deck Construction
Riverstream with plantings after 4 months
Completed Pond and Deck garden
Enjoying the al fresco living in completed water & deck garden
Progress of French Provenance Guesthouse Garden
Guesthouse Garden before completion of project
Commencement of project-laying of pathway
Commencement of planting phase
Grand overview of planting design
Positioning of Lavenders for central pathway
Landscaper pacing Lavender grid design
Commencement of work on central design area
Watering of all planting
Laying of pathways through outer garden
Placement of garden features including trellises
Completion of Phase 1
Showing garden after 1 year
Garden in well established phase
Progress of Rockwall & Pool Garden
Progress of Rock Wall & Pool Garden
Pool area at start of project
Building of natural steps & wall
Completed steps & leisure area
Completion of project
Progress of Rock Wall Garden with extra large Boulders
Commencement of project
Rock arrangement in alignment with measured line
Placement of large rocks
Dug up rocks placed on one side for rockwall fence
Positioning of large rocks
Rockwall completion
Completion of project
BIOBIZZ - Tales from the backyard
Because of the high level of protein -Fishmix boosts the level of all living organsims as shown below

Examples 1 to 4 oF plants fed up with BIOBIZZ over several feeds courtesy of


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